The Academy is no longer accepting applications for new students. We will be operating on a reduced enrollment for the 2018-2019 school year.

“A glimpse of what can be. Offering hope for the next generation.”

Foreshadow Academy Success Stories

Our Graduates Today

  • Isaac Sawyer; 2016 Graduate

    Isaac currently works full time at Chick-fil-a in Elizabeth City.

  • Joshua Midgette; 2016 Graduate

    Josh has completed his welding certificate program at COA. He plans to pursue “musical production” at ECSU in the fall of 2017.

  • Magan Jackson; 2016 Salutatorian

    Magan has completed her training and acquired her CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) license. She is enrolled to start at the Word of Life Bible Institute, in Florida, for the fall semester 2017.

  • Weston Smith; 2015 Valedictorian

    Weston is in his second year at COA. He is enrolled for classes at both COA and ECSU for the fall 2017. Weston is pursuing an engineering career in the Coast Guard “C-Spy” program.

  • Olivia Mann; 2014 Salutatorian

    Olivia is currently a senior at Regent University, majoring in psychology. She is engaged to married in October, 2017.

  • Whitley Davis; 2014 Valedictorian

    Whitley is currently a senior at Mid Atlantic University, majoring in theological studies. She is engaged to be married in August, 2017.

  • Cory Randolph; 2013 Honor Graduate

    Cory has completed several schools for the U. S. Army. He is currently stationed in Washington state.

  • Jordan Herman; 2013 Salutatorian

    Jordan has graduated from COA with honors, with his Associates in Applied Sciences. He he currently working full time as a CAD draftsman at the Coast Guard base.

  • Kaylynn Smith; 2013 Valedictorian

    Kaylynn as graduated from COA with honors, with her Associate in Arts degree. She is currently working at Chick-fil-a and as a mail carrier.

  • Will Sawyer; 2012 Honor Graduate

    Will has completed some of his associates degree at COA. He is currently working full time at City Beverage.

  • O’Nesha Johnson; 2012 Honor Graduate

    O’Nesha has completed her college work and acquired her RMA (Registered Medical Assistant) License. She is currently living in Greenville, NC seeking employment in her field.

  • Lanie (Sawyer) Carnall; 2012 Valedictorian

    Lanie graduated from ECSU with honors in December, 2016 with her Elementary Education degree. She married Daniel Carnall, who is in the Coast Guard. Lanie has been teaching first grade at Pasquotank Elementary School. She and Daniel will be transferring to Alabama in May, 2017.

  • Amber (Chitty) Cartwright; 2012 Honor Graduate

    Ambyr has completed her education and acquired her CMA (Certified Medical Assistant) license. She is married to Jacob Cartwright, a former FSA student. Ambyr is currently stays at home with their two daughters, Scarlett,3; and Meredith, 1. She also does labor coaching as needed.

Our Students

The students here have helped me be a better person. I appreciate the staff because they have helped me become more diligent in anything I attempt. I care for, and appreciate all the people I’ve come to know in my time at Foreshadow. I’ve also come to understand that you can’t make it anywhere unless you put in a lot of hard work. The last thing I’d like to say is that there will always be a place in my heart for this school, and for everyone who is a part of it.

— JM, 2016 Graduate

This school has altered my life in more ways than anyone could ever imagine. …FSA is absolutely amazing. I don’t know how I would have survived without it this year. I know I could never be able to repay the staff here for all they have done to help me. There aren’t many people as generous as they are; if there were, the world would be a better place to be.

— DC, HS Student, 2016

What a superior experience I obtained this year at FSA! I was exposed to spectacular teachers and a magnificent physical education and training program. I enjoy nutritious and vitamin-rich meals. There are excellent rules and guidelines in place to keep us safe and motivated. The experience I have gained this school year has convinced me to return next year.

— KJ, MS Student 2016

Although school work frustrates me, especially math, the teachers here have made it more interesting and meaningful. I’ve never done so many exercises (physical) in my life until I came to FSA, but I’m grateful to be more fit. Chapel has been a highlight, and taught me so much. I hope more students come and have the experiences I’ve had this year at Foreshadow Academy.

— SB-W,HS Student, 2016

When I first got to FSA, I was not sure as to what I should expect. I was nervous about a lot of things. Mainly, I was nervous about how accepting private school kids would be to an “outsider” such as myself. But as I experienced the welcome, kindness, and openness here, I found that “being accepted” is not a problem at FSA. In my short time here, I have felt more accepted than ever before.

— DC, High School Student 2014

Over the past two and a half years at FSA, I have learned many-a-thing. The things I have been taught are not only from staff members, but from students as well. People here have taught me how to step out of my comfort zone, honor around me, and truly worship with all my being… making my time here at FSA the best years of my life.

— JH, Gradate 2013

I learned a lot from being here the past four years. I am not the same person I was when I started; I have grown much closer to God. Because of the FSA staff and students, I have learned to stand up for myself. To say good-bye to FSA is going to be hard because I have to leave my friends, who have become like family to me, and the teachers, who have become like mothers.

— OJ, Graduate 2012

…this school shows so much love in so many directions. This love is not ordinary or normal; it’s God’s love, and it just flows mightily. I am so glad that FSA is a school that’s filled with so much love and compassion…Secondly, for a reason that is beyond me, the staff puts up with all of us kids every day. They never give up on us, and pray so hard for us individually to succeed.

— AC, Graduate 2012

I cannot begin to say all the things this school and staff have taught me. They have taught me Algebra I & II, history, writing, English, and literature. But more importantly, they taught me how to love, put others before myself, stay calm under stress, to do Pilates, and how to honor God in every area of my life. I am so glad my mom made me come to this school and wear this red shirt!

— LS, Graduate 2012

Our Parents

Since entering Foreshadow Academy, I have to say that it is has been a wonderful experience of love, patience, and peace for my daughter and our family. Our daughter came from an atmosphere of bullying, taunting, and feeling so inadequate that she had fallen into a lot of sadness. We found it to be different at FSA. The teachers are so loving and kind to my daughter, and always want her to do her best at anything she tries. The staff at FSA has truly become a part of my heart and my family. I trust them not only with my daughter’s education, but also her feelings, her growth in her relationship with Christ, and her very heart.

— ML, Parent 2016

Foreshadow Academy has been an answer to our prayers for our family. After homeschooling our two teenage daughters for six years, we were ready to put them back into a private school environment. However, we found that buying and inappropriate internet access were a problem even in a school we believed to be “Christian”. After many tears and prayers and fruitless discussions with staff, a friend told us about FSA. We enrolled our girls right away. We found Foreshadow Academy to be a Christ-centered, safe, healthy, loving environment for both our girls. The teachers and staff truly want to be there because they see the importance of the role they play in the lives of these young students. It’s not a “job” to them, it is a calling and ministry for Christ.

— AE, Parent 2016

We are so thankful for our child to have the opportunity to attend this school. The staff exceeds expectations for developing children academically, as well as caring enough to take the extra time to help these children strive to bring out their best. Foreshadow Academy is the best decision we could have made for our son.

— DS, Parent 2014

Two years ago my son & I were at our wits’ end with trying to find a suitable education system that would fulfill his academic needs, increase his desire for intellectual stimulation, nurture his spiritual walk, and create new friendships with Christ as their focus. Foreshadow Academy was the answer to all of our prayers! He plans to attend FSA until he graduates.

— RE, Parent 2014

With the issues of public education such as large class sizes, teachers teaching government tests, and bad teachers winning tenure, Foreshadow Academy is a true breath of fresh air. I taught a high school class for several years and noticed that many high school seniors could not calculate simple algebraic equations or even handle calculation of fractions. Foreshadow Academy’s teaching staff truly care about their students’ education because they are not paid to teach. They volunteer to be there. The classes are small so students get the attention they need to become successful.

— CB, Parent 2014

This year will be the second year our kids have attended Foreshadow Academy. I am very satisfied with what my kids learned last year. The teachers are great with the kids. The class size allows more one on one time with the kids, and all of the staff is very friendly and pleasant. As long as God allows, my kids will attend Foreshadow Academy.

— JM, Parent 2014

I had homeschooled for 19 years and wanted a good school for my youngest, the social butterfly. I wanted a school with Christian values, top notch academics and individualized curriculum. I found that and so much more at Foreshadow. My daughter loves the school and can’t wait to go back in the fall. As a parent that is very involved in my children’s education, it is a blessing to see them WANT to go to school

— MB, Parent 2014