The Academy is no longer accepting applications for new students. We will be operating on a reduced enrollment for the 2018-2019 school year.

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Foreshadow Academy News

September 2016 Newsletter

September Reminders
01 – Orientation
01/06 – Tuition/Meal fees due
05 – Labor Day Holiday
06 – Testing Day (School supplies due)
07 – First day of classes

Kitchen Note:

We need to have TWO people scheduled for each meal preparation in order to keep offering meals to the students. On days where no one is scheduled, we will offer peanut butter and jelly sandwiches so the students have something to eat. PLEASE work with the volunteer coordinator to keep the meal program running smoothly!

September Notes:

Volunteer Hours: September is considered a training month for volunteer hours. However, we still need help particularly in the kitchen. So please contact Rebecca Rogers to set up those volunteer times.
Very Important: : PLEASE remember to pay tuition and meal fees on time as we are on a very tight budget.
Attendance: PLEASE remember to CALL IN when your child is ill, or has an appointment.
Handbooks: Please REVIEW the FSA handbook with your child(ren) and return the signed review form before the end of September.
P.E.: We WILL be starting P.E. on Friday, Sept. 9th. Please be sure that PE clothes are brought in that morning.
Testing Fee: New this year, a testing fee is due BEFORE February 1st

New Volunteer Coordinator!

Our new FSA volunteer coordinator is Mrs. Rebecca Rogers. The best contact info for her is by cell phone @ 252-619-8386. We look forward to working with her this year!